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...As a licensed psychologist and practitioner for 40 years, I consider myself knowledgeable about dreams and their interpretation. I have yet to meet anyone who could deliver this material as usefully and intelligently as Layne does. Both through information and demonstration, Layne makes the material come alive. She has a depth of understanding of dreams and dream interpretation that I have not found in a great many psychologists, social workers or psychiatrists. This is truly her area of expertise that she has devoted herself to for decades. She is a grand master... Click here for the full Reference Letter.

James Gavin, Ph.D., ABPP, FACP

Concordia University, Montreal

Layne Dalfen demystifies the world of dreaming and makes discovering the wisdom of dreams more accessible.

Alan Siegel, Ph.D.

Author of Dream Wisdom and past President of the Association for the Study of Dreams

Speaking with Layne was a real treat. She is insightful, funny, and considerate, and she helped me better understand the deep connections that exist between our dreams and our waking lives.

Nick Greene


Surrounded by a wealth of dream material Layne Dalfen elucidates a wide variety of ways to approach your dreams. She makes it abundantly clear how useful dreams can be in our struggles with daily life, and how our lives may be enriched, if only we take the time to read the subtitles, which appear to us at night. This book may lead to an entry way into a forgotten world of treasure. Layne Dalfen shows how dreams are the magma of creativity flowing constantly through the cracks of sleep.

Robert Bosnak

Jungian analyst, author of ‘A Little Course in Dreams’ and Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming.

I loved having Layne Dalfen on as a guest to inspire the audience that dreams hold the keys to personal growth and wellbeing and much more. Will be working with Layne in the future.

Kevin Moore

Host of The Kevin Moore Show, a long-form conversations hosted by Kevin Moore

What makes it special is the sensibility that Dalfen brings to the material. She as Many good examples of actual dreams and dreamwork to illustrate her points, and, in an informal heartfelt and convincing voice, takes the time to explore them fully. As a result, the experience of reading this book is like a special opportunity to sit down with an experienced dream worker for a long, intimate talk about dreams.

DreamTime Magazine

Summer-Fall 2002

Her knowledgeable, warm manner, brimming with insight and empathy makes her a popular guest on radio phone-in programs in Montreal and New York.

Susan Schwartz

The Montreal Gazette

What is in a dream; a message, a memory or a dragon? Is everything that passes through our mind to be noticed and dissected? Layne helps us find the gems in the quarry to dance with and explore the messages they bring. She encourages us to tune into the pictures, words and thoughts that can ease our daily journey to living a life that has meaning and purpose. Are you up for the challenge or perhaps you just wish to keep turning stones? Layne is a dream analyst and can turn you right around mid stream if you are going the wrong way. Enjoy the path, it truly is a glorious run this lifetime

Dr. Jeanette Gallagher


Layne Dalfen's insightful and funny dream analyses not only entertains, but also makes me want to wake up early in the morning and talk to her about my dreams. And I hate getting up early!

Steve Cochran

WGN Radio - Chicago

Layne Dalfen, author of Have a Great Dream, was one of the most well-informed and entertaining guests I’ve had on the Pathways Radio show in 30 years!

Paul O’Brien

Host of Pathways radio KBOO FM, Portland Oregon, "Conversations with leaders in personal development and cultural transformation"
Notable Pathways Guests: Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Paul Hawkens, Ram Dass, John Gray, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross ... and 500 more!

C. G. Jung Society Lecture/Workshop
Layne Dalfen has a down-to-earth style in her approach to dream work. Her many years in the field have given her a comprehensive understanding of a rich world just beneath the horizon.

Murray Shugar

Editor, C. G. Jung Society of Montreal Newsletter and Website

I loved having Layne Dalfen on my show! She has fabulous stories and tips to help us understand the power of our dreams and how they are here to guide us. I learned so much. Thank you Layne!

Terri Britt

host of "Terri Britt's Leading with Love," founder of Women Leaders of Love, and former Miss USA 1982

Layne Dalfen has the unique ability to take an esoteric, unconscious concept of dream analysis and make it exciting and understandable for any listener.

James Miller

Licensed Psychotherapist and the host of the Host of the Nationally Broadcasted and Syndicated Radio Show: James Miller | Lifeology

I had the pleasure of recently interviewing Layne on my GUY'S GUY RADIO podcast. She has an incredible knowledge about dreams and was an insightful and delightful guest. Please check out her work!

Robert Manni

Host of Guy’s Guy Radio

Layne Dalfen is a warm, engaging author/expert with a passion for her work. As a master dream decoder, she shares her insights and expertise in helping to unlock the all-too-baffling images of our dreams. Both Layne’s extensive knowledge and her personal charisma impressed me greatly when she was a guest on my podcast.

Mary Eileen Williams

Feisty Side of Fifty Radio

Layne is one of the best interactive interviews I have had. Callers were thrilled to have their dreams interpreted, and it is so interesting how she processes the information given to her to really make it fit exactly what is going on in their, and mine as well, lives currently! I would love to have her back in The Fox Den anytime! With much appreciation,

Gina Bengtson aka Para Fox

I had the pleasure of interviewing Layne Dalfen on my show last week. Layne is an amazing guest and extremely knowledgeable in her field as a dream analyst. She gave very insightful tips on how to interpret your dreams. She also helped me know how to remember my dreams more easily which is so vital to finding the true meaning behind the dream. I would highly recommend Layne as a guest and look forward to reading her book, Have a Great Dream.

Kristin Macdonald

Second Vision

She gently talked our callers through the various techniques she uses to interpret their dreams. She engaged our listeners with a sample of light hearted anecdotes that make this rather esoteric field of analysis accessible to all.

Avril Benoit

Talk show host, CBC Radio

Layne, you are a great dream in a world full of small dreamers!

Joey Reynolds


Everyone has dreams, and thanks to Layne, I know mine are really sick and twisted.

Leslie Gold


No hocus pocus. It’s the real deal!

Tommy Schnurmacher

CJAD Radio, Montreal

Layne is a knowledgeable guest who offers concepts that listeners can really use to improve their life. She’s has a great interview style and was easy to talk to, making for a great show for my guests to listen to!

Betsy Pake

Thank you for being a Guest on the Wealthy Wednesday Show!
YOU were Fabulous! You provided so much amazing value!

Luci McMonagle

Layne. You are just so playful and wonderful! Your expertise on dreams is just amazing. You are our favourite authority, ever!

Mimi Burns

Host, Word of Mouth, KUCI 88.9, Orange County, California

Layne Dalfen was on my radio show today. She was amazing. She is profoundly gifted in her knowledge and her approach to dreams. She was respectful and insightful with her interpretation of my caller's dream and able to see the dream on many levels. She was a gift to me, and my listeners.

Dr. Paula Joyce


I found the information that you gave regarding dreams to be quite illuminating. Although I haven't been able to capture any of my recent dreams, for the past year and a half I have had a recurring theme that now makes perfect sense. The information that you shared pointed out to me that the message projecting itself to me is that the time is not right and that I must continue with my personal healing first. I am hopeful that once I return to a more permanent home setting that I will be able to start and keep a dream journal as suggested. Doing so will enable me to apply the wealth of information from your studies keeping me centered and on the right track. Thank you for your ability to help those of us who continue to search for answers and guidance.

Karen Anthes

Layne was a delight as a guest. Her knowledge of dreams and interpretation was phenomenal and so absorbing. She is a brilliant interview and I'd recommend her as a guest for any podcast.

Chris Flisher

Layne provided us and our listeners with some very interesting thoughts into our dreams. She has a very comfortable demeanor that makes it feel likes she’s sitting on the couch, talking with old friends. After her conversation with us we now have a new appreciation for what goes on when we close our eyes at night.

Joe Korkowski

KXRA Radio, Alexandria, MN

Layne, is the REAL deal! Dreams are a tool that our spirit and minds use to talk to us, to warn us, to guide us. I shared a dream I had with Layne, and the 'negative' interpretation I had about it, in which large python snakes were crawling all over me. Layne quickly asked me: "Were they harming you? Biting you? “ I responded with “They did not bite me. They were just all over me.” She offered, “If that was my dream, I would be taking it as a sign for me to step into my power. Snake is the Kundahali feminine energy. Maybe they are calling to you" I started to tear up, she was right! Thank you Layne!!! YOU are amazing!

Heather Havenwood


Your dreams are trying to tell you something important… And for those, like me, who need it spelled out for them in plain language, Layne Dalfen is the dream guru! Each time we have Layne on our show to help the listeners figure out what their dreams are trying to tell them, she inevitably sorts ME out within minutes during our set up call! We love Layne! She is a welcome repeat guest and brilliant at what she does. The answers to your life’s questions are in your dreams and Layne Dalfen is the one you want leading your safari to find them!

Leanne Cater, “Lea”

Host of Lea & Paul In The Morning, The New Country 95.3 Toronto/Hamilton

I’ve been interested in dreams for a long time. I’ve read many of the “classics” in the field-The Interpretation of Dreams by Freud, also Jung, Perls, etc. These books are usually more theoretical in tone. If you’re looking for practical guidance on how to understand your dreams, Have a Great Dream by Layne Dalfen is a better choice because she includes many of the ideas of these classics, but in a down-to-earth form you can use.

I liked Layne’s book because she gives various approaches to understanding and using your dreams. A lot of other authors will give you a pretty rigid set of steps to follow, and if they don’t work for you, tough luck. (Even worse, dream dictionaries tell you exactly what your dream means, regardless of who you are or what your life experiences have been!) Layne gives you different approaches and exercises to try, so if one doesn’t work you can try another. Or you can go through all the exercises with your dream, so that you keep arriving at a new, deeper understanding of the dream. And once you know what the dream means, Layne also gives you different exercises for using your dream to work out your problems and improve your life.

Of the different self-help books I’ve read, this is one of the few that really help. Highly recommended.


Norwalk, CT

Insightful and funny, Layne Dalfen’s analyses are as brilliant as they are
entertaining. Everyone enjoys her segment immensely.

Joey & Heather

KKWD Wild 97.9 Oklahoma City

One of the best guests I have had on my program! Fun and entertaining!
Definitely a repeat guest! The phone always light up!


Majic 95.5 Lovesongs Hostess, Austin, Texas

Layne Dalfen is an engaging guest. She prepares meticulously and is always willing to make the extra effort to inform and entertain.

Yvan Huneault

CJAD 800 AM, Montreal

Layne Dalfen presented a dream interpretation workshop at Concordia University during the month of November of 2008, in which I attended as a student. Layne was interactive, energetic, and knowledgeable in her discipline of dream therapy. Layne introduced several theories, interpretations and respective insights on dream therapy and its uses. Her presence at Concordia university produced high energy and a positive environment for all the attendees. The entire workshop participants were thankful of her presence, which included, from her, a humble and humorous attitude throughout the course of the workshop.

Kelly Wilkinson

Hello Layne.

I would just like to thank you. You see every class gives me one new window that opens in my head and you did not fail me….. I was blown away by the idea that anxiety lives in the future. After a good nights sleep my slightly less than immediate response to that is…
Those with no anxiety live in the present. That works for me and again, thank you very much.


Hi Layne,
I just wanted to say that I love your videos on youtube and the website you have about dreams!



The most meaningful aspect of the lecture was having my dream analyzed by Layne.
She was so bright and articulate.

Canyon Ranch guests

Lenox, MA

Hi Layne,

Thank you again for your wonderful lecture and your encouragement and support. I started reading the book as soon as I got home and didn’t want to put it down. I also couldn’t wait to see what I dreamt about so I could try and analyze it this morning.


Layne always had an incredible ability to get straight to it. So wonderful to be reminded of the wonder and ability of flying dreams. Thank you Layne


OMGosh Layne! I would have never guessed this amazing interpretation!!! I love it so much! And I believe it to be absolutely true!! Mystery solved. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your awesome insight!


About the Books

At the outset of Dalfen’s insightful book, dreamers find guidance on understanding how their dream images and events relate to current issues in waking life. Then they are guided to uncover the deeper, life-changing layers of meaning in the same dreams. Dalfen shares her journey of self-discovery through dreams while leading dreamers to their unique version of the universal quest.

Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

Author of Creative Dreaming and The Universal Dream Key: The 12 Most Common Dream Themes Around the World

Down-to-earth and easy to read
This book’s strength is its accessibility and down-to-earth style. Throughout the text the reader has a sense of having a private conversation with Dalfen whose style is friendly, colloquial and upbeat. Anyone who is new to working with their dreams will find a refreshing and demystifying explanation of how dreams contain treasures for us both in how to understand ourselves better and in offering solutions to the problems in our lives.

Mary Harsany

C. G. Jung Society, Montreal

5 Stars
From a young age I’ve always been fascinated with dreams. I’ve read books on dreams, and this one especially takes an icing on the cake! The writer gives an insight on dissecting a dream to decipher it better, and goes an extra mile in giving views by Pearls, June, Adler and Freud in a simplified manner. The writer’s examples of dreams and her dissection are truly remarkable, with her conclusion and reasoning behind it. It has definitely opened a door to dream interpretation for me! Using dreams to rationalise inner thoughts was an angle that I gleefully devoured into, especially questioning myself to define the connections with my past life. I’ve ordered a hardcopy of both, Book 1 and 2, so that I can have it next to my bedside! I highly recommend this book for anyone, who is interested in dreams! And a *warning*: If you read this book, be prepared to have Book 2, as your next read!


on GoodReads.com

I have just finished reading Have a Great Dream, which I found very intriguing and informative. It gives the readers practical tools to begin the journey of interpreting and understanding the meaning of their dreams. I enjoyed Layne Dalfen’s conversational and friendly manner to write about her life experience with dream interpretation. Her book opens a door for the readers to walk out into the field and see the landscape of their own personal human experience, and is an invitation to explore it.

L. Torres

(Arlington, VT)

Hidden messages
While I think that traditional dream interpretation may be an over-analysis of random brain impulses, certainly certain poignant events during the day can trigger dreams that deliver secret messages to us.

After reading Layne Dalfen’s book, I had a nightmare. I was able to discern a warning in the dream, a warning about an issue that was bothering me and that I hadn’t dealt with.

Perhaps dreams are sometimes messages and sometimes random, but a really memorable dream is worth examining. If there is a hidden message there, “Have a Great Dream” can help you find what you might be telling yourself.

Joanna Daneman

Middletown, DE USA

I thoroughly enjoyed Have a Great Dream: Using Your Dreams To Discover Your Full Potential. Ms. Dalfen really shows you how to get inside yourself by understanding your dreams.

For a lot of people this isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do because some might not like everything they see, but the author gives us the inspiration by showing us how she did it herself. And you know, maybe she didn’t like everything she found either, but she got through it. This was the main thing that showed me that I could do the same.

This isn’t like those other feel good self help books. If you really want to put in the hard work it takes to understand yourself and change your life Layne gives you the tools to do it.

Jena English

Layne –
I’ve been meaning to write to you for five weeks now… even since I came home from the conference and read your book. The day after reading it I had a dream where I was trapped and unsavory guys came out to grab me, kidnap-torture-&kill me. I was too exhausted and too trapped to run. I naturally woke up upset – then decided to look at it from Layne’s method…..And it all came so easily because of reading your book!!!

Layne, your book is the best. It’s so clear and practical and right on the mark. Much love and admiration and thankfulness…


Have a Great Dream: Decoding Your Dreams To Discover Your Full Potential gave me the tools I needed to finally make sense of my dreams. It is amazing to discover how much information is available to me any time I want to seize it right in my own unconscious! Layne Dalfen guides you every step of the way. She shows you, with dream maps and simple self-directed questions, how to attach a dream to a current problematic event. The best part is realizing that the answer to what you want to do and what you can do about the problem is right there inside the dream!

I am now using the frightening aspects of my nightmares as incredible tools to actually help me in my current situation.

And just the uncovering of the dream process is a riot! The images we use are so cool. The process is fun and at the same time intelligent and powerful.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to make sense of his or her dreams and discover life-changing possibilities right there for the taking.


Dear Layne

I received your book yesterday and have not done a thing except sit and read ever since it arrived…I am fascinated with your dream maps and have already gone to my dream journals and mapped out a few of the shorter dreams with great success. Your map puts “things” in a much clearer light and now some of the odd images are beginning to make sense somehow. What a great way to analyze my weird mind. Thanks so much.


I heard you a few months ago on Nick Lawrence's wonderful show Straight Talk. I have always been a vivid dreamer from the time I was a child. I was a psychology major in college, and I chose that because people and their minds fascinated me. So, it's no surprise that I have been interested in dreams and dream analysis over the course of my life...

I purchased Have A Great Dream Book 2; A Deeper Discussion. It coincides with a lot of work that I have been doing in my own life…... I decided that I was sick of burying my nose in self-help books and really wanted to work out some of the issues that were keeping me bound up in life. I had a childhood which included neglect in the home, but I was saved by my teachers and school. And that's where Have A Great Dream comes in. There were so many revelations in the book that correlate with my life. Realizing that there are different parts of myself, I know that even as a small child, who didn't have guidance in my life, I was still able to function…. I remind myself, as you did, that there are other parts of ourselves that can take care of ourselves when some parts are missing…...So, reading HAGD has really been a beneficial part of my continued healing and recovery. It has really helped me not only understand my dreams, but so much more about the foundations of the beliefs of my life, and how they can change with awareness.


from Pittsburgh

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